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Zoe lvey (ゾーイ・アイビー Zōi Aibī) is a student attending the College and is classmates with Beatrice. He is a Half-Gorgon, born to a wizard and a Gorgon that fell in love. Similar to Chise, it is his first year attending.


He has chin length light hair that he normally keeps headphones on and wears some kind of device around his neck, over his tie. He has a male student uniform and the robes to match it as well.

When he becomes agitated or due to his nature, his hair transforms into black snakes and his eyes take on a different appearance.


Though he has a friendly personality outwardly, he was shown to be somewhat terrified and disheveled from being around Chise and Elias. He later becomes outright hostile, viewing them as monsters in hiding due to how his body and hair reacted when in their presence and it being his first time outside of his own community. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, he apologizes and they become friendlier.

He seems to have some self-esteem issues due to the fact that as a half-gorgon he straddled the line between both sides. He also dislikes exercise.


Hatched from an egg after a wizard who was studying demihuman languages fell in love with a gorgon living in the Caucus Mountain, Zoe was raised by his father until he decided to send him to the College so that he could continue his research. Unlike the rest of his classmates, he only started attending the College in the current year, similar to Chise. Before then he lived in a small community without a lot of people due to the fact that he couldn't control his powers.


Zoe joined Chise and Elias at lunch but quickly left in a hurry, later running away from the cafeteria while panicked that they would have come after him for noticing something about him. He referred to them as not being human.

Later on he is being checked up on by Alexandra, due to a medical condition he suffers from. When she asks him if he's noticed any potential sources of stress in his life as of recently, he asks her if she knows anything about Chise. While Alexandra seems to assure him that they are normal, he continues to view them as monsters and avoids them until one day Chise tries to ask if she had done anything to offend them.

When he refuses to answer, Lucy removes his headphones and demands he answer. However, the removal of his headphones causes his hair to transform into writhing snakes as he calls Chise and Elias monsters.[1] Chise and Ruth track him down with the others to learn of his history after convincing him to settle down, and he explains that part of why he thought they weren't human was due to the smell of the Dragon's Curse that Chise is under and how it affects his body around her. He also states he can smell something else about her, but before he can ask what they find that Philomela was eavesdropping on them.

Skills and Abilities

  • Inhuman Physiology: Zoe is a Half-Gorgon and so he has several of the traits he inherited from his mother, such as being able to turn his hair into snakes that have a mind of their own. However, because of his half-nature he cannot control them and needs earmuffs to keep them in check and he has a strong reaction to the presence of Dragons. Also, unlike most of his kind, he has a magical core and can use magic as well.[2]
    • Enhanced Perception: He has enhanced sight, smell and hearing due to the nature of his body. However, they're extremely sensitive to bright lights, strong smells, and loud noises.
  • Mystic Eyes: Zoe's snakes are capable of paralyzing those who look into their eyes for a short amount of time. The effect of these eyes are strong enough that they were capable of restraining a Nuckelavee for a short period, but it seemed to exhaust him.[3]


None revealed so far.


  • (Regarding Elias and Chise): What's with those two? Those things aren't human...[4]
  • (To Chise): "You've fooled Alexandria, but you can't fool me! Your disguise is pretty good, but it's not enough. And I know they think the other's a muryan but that's not true, either! You're a monster! And so is that new professor who came with you!"




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